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L&S Outdoors is proud to be here, and thanks to everyone that helped and supports the efforts of L&S. With over 2 decades of out door experience and learning, James LaFrance, son of Peter, is offering his services, knowledge, and help to anyone so interested. Sons, Andrew and Chris both share their extensive out door knowledge as well, from leading paint ball events to small scale, self sustaining farming. Visit our page, and explore all we cover.

2014 Deer Camp Debris Hut

Primitive shelter making is a basic skill, but can be useful to the most advanced students. This is what L&S instructors stayed in for 2 weeks during the PA fire arm deer season. Plenty warm, nice and dry, but one would have had a hard time telling that by the weather outside the hut. A successful hut for a successful hunt, everyone filled a tag!


Paintball Services

From custom machining upgrades, to helping install a new trigger, and changing a tank o-ring, customers will walk away pleased. Every part purchased and installed by L&S comes with a full year guarantee on manufactured items and a life time guarantee on workmanship. We supply, and have worked on the top names in paintball, and extensively with Mil-Sim styles.


Outdoor services

From cub scouts, to hunting,  to boy scouts, then to Army Infantry and Armor, outdoor skills and experience are extensive, and services are offered. Personal training, training classes and seminars are available. Services such as taxidermy, outfitting, and supplying outdoor goods is what we specialize in. From 1 on 1, to cub scout dens and packs to boy scout patrols and troops, we can have a tailored course ready for your needs, interests, and targeted area of learning.

News and Updates-

We've got our mobile store built and ready for action. Stay posted as we will be listing upcoming shows and events. So look for us this summer for  great deals, and specials, as always.

Weekly Specials

Check out our eBay store to see our liquidation items. CONTACT US through this website for better prices then listed on eBay itself.


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All in house L&S products are buy two get one free


 Modern fire starting class. Covering ignition sources, fuels, accelerates, and related methods of use. From lighters and matches to chemical ignitions, students will learn the modern techniques of lighting fires in many different scenarios. To sign up, for more info, or for any questions please contact us. Course cost- $20. Course length- 3-4 hours.

Primitive Fire starting class. Beginner and advanced classes. From the basics on up, focusing on the triangle of fire. Students will get a hands on experience with friction fires off all kinds, and have practice sets to take home. Advanced classes are 100% field orientated and filled with practical exercises. Beginner classes are $15 student and advanced class is $10. Both classes last 3-5 hours.

 General knowledge course on land navigation and advanced practical application. It will include primitive techniques on finding directions and time, as well as with modern equipment. Map reading, pace counts, hand railing, night time navigation, and more will be covered. This is approximately a 6 hour class. Please contact us to sign up and for more information. Required course material: pen/pencil, paper, dinner meal, water, knife, cordage; optional course material: Laptop, GPS,  Course cost- $10.

Ammunition class. Tired of trying to buy ammo only to find it's all sold out or over priced? L&S is offering Introductory Shotshell reloading course. Students will learn all the components of modern shotshells as well as center fire rounds. With a brief class on components, assembly, and testing students will have the knowledge to advance to the hands on section of the course. Students will learn how target, bird shot, magnum loads, slugs, and buckshot rounds are made and have the opportunity to take home what they make. Course cost - $15, or $25 and receive 1-2 boxes (25-50rnds) of 12 gauge ammo made by student. This is a 5 hour course. Please contact us for required material, sign up, and additional information.

 Tanning classes. L&S also offers a two part Natural Tanning course. In part one students will receive one small game hide and be given instruction and demonstration on brain tanning, the same techniques used by Native Americans. This is approximately a 5 hour course. Course cost- $30. Required material: pen/pencil, paper, water and knife. Please contact use for more information and to sign up.

Part two of the natural Tanning course involves learning the art of buck skin and suede making. Course cost is $5 per student, and must have attended the beginner class. Class length is 2-4 hours.


July 2016-  With summer in swing, our new mobile store is up and running, so be sure to stay posted for upcoming events that we will be attending!

December 2015-Our Green Dragon location will be shut down for the winter and spring. Look for us again this coming summer again.

November 2015-We've opened up a display at the 272 Antiques Mall in Stevens, PA. Be sure to check it out!

January 2015- Thank you to all for your support and kindness through our first of, what we hope will be, many years!

September 2014-  After the unfortunate fire, and tragic loss, we are happy to announce that the Green Dragon Market is back open.

June 2014- With the summer off to a warm start, be sure to stop by and pick up one of the great SAWYER products L&S now stocks! From water filters, to snake bite kits, and sun screen, the L&S team uses and recommends SAWYER products, and can help find the right one for you.

April 2014- With spring coming, L&S will be gearing up to fully equip and supply outdoors adventures this season. And with the new season, L&S will be outdoors teaching and showing students wild edibles, basket making, and more. Contact us for more info.

August 2013- L&S is set up at The Green Dragon Market in Ephrata, PA every Friday from 9AM-9PM. There is used and new paintball equipment, military surplus, camping gear, demonstrations and more. 

July 2013 - L&S is now an authorized RAP4 dealer, adding to the list of top names in paintball that L&S is part of.

June 2013 - We are proud to announce our new selection of paintball gear, markers, and supplies from BT, Empire, NPS, J&J, JT, and more. Also  Evil, Marbalizer, Formula 13, Spectrum, and more paint brands are available. Just contact us for a custom quote and pricing.

Authorized Rothco dealer, Tippmann certified tech center, Kee Action sports dealer, RAP4 dealership, Duke trapping supplies, Carman and Hawbaker lures and baits, Sleepy creek trapping Co., and much more.