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If you are lucky enough to own one of the Tacamo AK/RPK models, you just got luckier! That's right L&S is showing off their new Tacamo Mod to make them awesome markers shoot more like the real thing, with full auto and burst. Not to mention NO ONE else has these or even offers them.


The imagination is the only limitation to what L&S can do to a paintball marker. From simple upgrades like the Apex barrel you see above, or to the complex machining of the aluminum spacer (not visible) that holds the quad rails in place. From machining bodies to accept the Tiberius First Strike rounds, to adding electronic triggers, and everything in between, L&S does it, or can do it! Just email pictures of your marker and any other pictures of design ideas to L&S in the contact page. Stay posted as pictures of past modifications and upgrades are updated on the site.


Not only does L&SOutdoors supply customers with high quality markers and accessories, they personally customize the customer's marker into a one of a kind paint slinger. With experience customizing and modifying almost every model of Tippmann; Spyders, RAP4s, BTs, Tacamos, and Smart Parts are a few of the other types of markers that have been customized by L&S. Just contact us for a quote or questions, and we'll be glad to help!