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L&S offers individualized training in bushcraft skills, paintball play and tactics, hunting and trapping, and even building airsoft, paintball, and CQB course as seen to the left. Also offered is small group training in survival skills, paintball maneuvers, sustainability skills, scenario and big game event setup, and much more. Pictured above is our class on reloading shotshells manually. Just contact L&S to schedule a training session, meeting, or with any questions.

From red squirrel to white tail deer, L&S can tan that hide or even show you how to. Done with all natural ingredients, the Buck skin that is produced is of superior quality and feels amazing. This is a hand done project that tends to take 8+ hours of intensive labor from receiving the hide to finished product. What is left is a a beautiful tanned hide suitable to be made into what ever product the customer can imagine. From coonskin caps to buck skin jackets, L&S can help you with any part of the process.

From starting scouts at a young age, all of the Sons of L&S have found many memorable times in the outdoors. From hiking sections of the Appalachian Trail to scuba diving in Florida, the skills learned from scouting have been amazing and the experiences worth sharing.

From the time each Son was old enough, they started hunting. Most successful hunts ended up with a "chicken killer" we wouldn't have to worry about anymore, or more pleasure driven small game hunts. The part that sets apart L&S is the morality and philosophy of use it all, hunting not for the trophy, but for the use of the game. The hide, bones, meat, fat, and entrails are all used again, and this is what L&S believes is hunting.

L&S Outdoors is US Army veteran owned and operated. With more than 16 years of experience among them, the skills learned and experiences in the military helped L&S to be the professional, integrity based home business it is today. L&S Outdoors is proud to offer ALL veterans and current service members discounts from 15-45%.

Contact L&S Outdoors for scheduling a training session, hide drop off, or for any questions.

Here are some photos of past lessons taught, through

Southeastern Pennsylvania survivalists and bushcraft meetup group.


Fall 2014 Survival Weekend