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’16 Spring Merchandise Menu

Sawyer Products

Mini package--------$20.25

Snake bite kit-------$16

Water Bottle Filter----$37.50


Patrol bags-------------$23

Intermediate bags----$22

Bivy bags*--------------$39

XL Bivy*-------------------$68

3 piece complete*------$70.50

USGI sleep pad, foam--$6

Useful gear

L&S canteen kits----$34.50

Silva guide compass---$26.50

Silva starter compass--$15.75

Chlor-Floc h2o purif. tablets ---$13.75

Potable Aqua 2pc kit---$17.25

USGI Causualty E-blanket---$17.75

Stnd mylar blanket------$1

100 MPH tape -----------$6.75

Packs & Rucks



Med Alice*-----------$55

Misc modified*------$45

Assault, USMC-----$23.25

Camel Baks ---------$28


25’ -------------------$3

50’ -------------------$5



Cord handle fero rod---$3

Pace counters-------$2


Black polar tech fleece -----$15

Foliage polar tech fleece---$16

Polar tech bottoms----------$11

USGI military Patagonia bra----$11

Poly pro, thin and thick, under---$5


-This is not a complete list of items that will be available

*Includes free USGI foam sleep pad with purchase

Fine print, details, catches, and disclaimers

All pricing is for group members and visiting guests only. Prices on above menu are already reflecting the sponsor’s 10% or greater discount. Pricing on used surplus gear such as sleep system components, packs, pouches, and such, are reflective of the lowest priced, in stock version of said product. First come, first serve, and  lay away is available for a 50% deposit. Better quality products may be more, but all products function as intended and have gone through our inspection and washing process. Some items are subject to have the government’s 6% cut added to it.

To join our sponsored meetup group, visit Southeastern PA Buschraft and Survival group