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Thanks for stopping by. We carry and supply Duke, Sleepy Creek, Victor, and more, from traps to snares, lures, dyes, and wax, we have it here for you. Check back soon as we add and update our online store and product line. In the mean time feel free to contact us with any requests for traps or supplies. Prices include shipping*, for reduced total, pickup at one of our retail locations, in Avondale, PA, Quarryville, PA, Ephrata, PA, or Aristes, PA. Thank you.

(s&h includes lower 48 states, any where else subject to additional s&h charges)

Duke Traps

Coil spring traps.

Visit http://www.duketraps.com/2coil/coilspring.html for full description and pictures.

#1 CS                          $5.99 ea      $60/dz

#1 CS double jaw        $6.49 ea      $65/dz

#1 1/2 CS                    $5.99 ea      $60/dz

#1 1/2 CS double jaw  $7.49 ea      $75/dz

#1 3/4 CS                    $7.99 ea      $80/dz

#1 3/4 CS offset          $8.49 ea      $85/dz

#1 3/4 CS 4x               $10.49 ea    $105/dz

#1 3/4 CS 4x offset     $10.99 ea    $110/dz

#2 CS                          $8.99 ea      $90/dz

#2 CS offset                $8.99 ea      $90/dz

#3 CS                          $9.99 ea      $100/dz
#3 CS offset                $10.49 ea    $105/dz

#4 CS 4x                     $12.99 ea    $130/dz

#4 CS 4x offset           $12.99 ea    $130/dz

Dog Proof traps. Visit http://www.duketraps.com/index.html for full description and pictures.

DPCoon                      $16.99 ea       $160/dz

Long Spring traps. Visit http://www.duketraps.com/3long/longspring.html for full description and pictures.

#1 LS                 $6.99 ea    $70/dz

#1 LS DJ            $6.99 ea    $70/dz

#1 LS GT           $7.49 ea    $75/dz

#11 LS               $7.49 ea     $75/dz

#11 LS DJ          $6.99 ea     $70/dz

Body traps, Conibear traps. Visit http://www.duketraps.com/4body/bodytrap.html for full description and pictures.

110        $4.49 ea      $45/dz

120        $6.49 ea      $65/dz

155        $7.49 ea      $75/dz

160        $7.99 ea      $80/dz

220        $9.99 ea      $100/dz

280        $12.99 ea    $130/dz

330        $15.99 ea    $160/dz

Cage traps, have-a-heart [havahart], live catch style traps. Visit http://www.duketraps.com/cage/cage.html for full description and pictures. 

Duke's style of these traps is not a regular stock item, please contact for more info on those, but see below for Safeguard Live traps. They are a local business, and great quality.

Minnesota Traps, Bridger Traps, and Sleepy Creek Traps

More to come. Contact us for any info, help, and assistance.