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January 31st 2015 24 hour winter excursion

Feb 4th, 2015

     This past weekend I participated in the winter camp with the meetup group. It ended up being much warmer then I thought, only getting down in the low 20's/high teen's. The wind was also very favorable, being less then 10 mph for most of the time. I packed my CFP90 pack with what i thought would be needed to stay alive, but also comfy, for 24 hours. The pictures show and describe the actual items I packed, and used v. didn't use. I forgot to picture one item for the Used Items picture, being my USGI leather gloves, just plain work gloves really, for work, not warmth. I slept so warm, that before morning I was almost naked in my bag, ready to crack a vent in it.
      So I stayed pretty comfy, never shivering, stayed fed, etc. With what items I did end up using, which wasn't much, to stay comfy, I would need even less just to survive-basically just air to survive the 24 hours.
      I did stay strict on my water this time, packing only 2 quarts, and making sure not to cheat, I only boiled what snow and ice I could find, which was easier then going to the nearest natural water source. I even went home with snow water, I had cleaned that much, with not trying to hard.(MORE PICS HERE)


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